How much does a funeral cost?

Realistically, and truthfully, the average cost of traditional funeral services in the United States costs anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000. This range may include the care transport from the place of death, all preparations, securing all authorizations, making funeral arrangements, coordinating the funeral, services at the funeral home, burial, merchandise selected (casket,vault etc.), obitauries, death certificates and clergy. And keep in mind that prices may vary greatly, depending on different funeral homes and their location in the country. Costs for cremation services can vary as well, but the average cremation is $1600 to $4,000. Cremation is generally less expensive than traditional funeral services, if no viewing or visitation is involved, however still labor intensive. Both traditional and cremation services can be less than the average stated above.  Niagara County Department of Social Services does contribute up to $1600 for funeral expenses and Erie County $900 for those who qualify. Please contact us to discuss any pricing questions. We are upfront, honest and transparent with our pricing.  Some funeral homes, deliberately, will leave out certain information that effects cost to gain your business, which is, unprofessional, unethical, misleading and goes against our Funeral Service Oath. Of course price matters and we understand that. Only we can provide the services that you would expect and should be provided, regardless of financial ability.  You will be given the quality, attention and service that your family needs all within your budget......guaranteed!!

In discussion with families we serve and colleagues, I have discovered that the pricing of funeral and cremation services that funeral homes provide are not transparent or change when the family walks in the door. Speaking for my funeral home, I am always upfront and honest when giving a quote for any type of funeral or cremation. There are other costs involved that have nothing to do with the funeral home that should be disclosed when the discussion of price begins. What some providers are doing is misleading you, the consumer and grieving, and telling you what their charges are, but leaving out the charges that also need to be paid (ex. cemetery, obituaries, certified death certificates, the crematory etc.). Essentially “low balling,” giving you an inaccurate price and not educating you on what needs to take place or what the funeral director will need or what other charges may be incurred. To me, this is mis-leading and a disgrace to the profession of funeral service. When you call me, you are given an honest price, including the “extras” and explained everything that needs and will take place in complete detail. For example, I hear all the time…. “we just want you to take mom to the crematory…..” I then spend a while with you on the phone explaining that it is not that simple and make an appointment to slowly and in detail to discuss face to face. We funeral directors should be educating each caller. These people have just lost a loved one or are about to and are not thinking clearly. If price shopping, always ask to see (however you should not have to ask) a general price list. That general price list must be given to you at the onset of arrangements and should not be altered. Some are using strategic methods to “get you in the door.” When you come their charges have changed. As an honest, Christian provider of funeral service, my advice is be careful. Ask questions. With me, everything is transparent and a non-issue. Please call me personally with any questions or concerns. 716-297-9007 or email

What Makes Up The Cost?

Funerals are labor intensive and require a lot of work from a lot of people.  The cost of a funeral goes beyond merchandise such as caskets, it includes the care transport from the place of passing, body preparation, transportation to the crematory or cemetery, the professional services during funeral arrangements as well the funeral director coordinating the necessary arrangements for the actual services selected, preparing the forms, and dealing with all the other people involved in the death (doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and the community).  Funeral directors work an average of 40 hours per funeral.  The cost of operating a funeral home is factored into the cost as well.  Our funeral home is a 24 hour operation, with extensive, manicured facilities that need to be maintained and secured.  

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